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Spring Thyme Grilling

Okay...totally new to social media and posting ...this is my first post for our Website Chef's Gourmet Market ! Check it out Definitely more comfortable in the kitchen. I just posted several new items for our Restaurant Quality Home Meal Deliveries. What makes us totally different then any other home meal out there is our Commercial Vacuum Sealing Process! It takes a lot more time but when the guest is ready to eat all they have to do is HEAT & EAT! We cook all the orders Fresh, then immediately cool them down to 32-36 degrees. Then we take each individual portions, the Entree, the Starch and the Vegetable and individually vacuum seal them sealing in all the juices and freshness. Now the food is good for 10 days in the refrigerator (providing the vacuum seal isn't broken or compromised). So when the guest goes to take their first bite it will taste like it was just cooked...depending upon the heating process. The easiest way is to get a pot of water...bring it to a boil...turn down to simmer and place the vacuum sealed bags in the hot water for about 10-15 minutes or until hot (internal temp at least 160 degrees F).

Let me know your thoughts. Will TRY to blog once a week.

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